Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miss Black Talented Teen Ohio 2012 Speaks: Service!

I am so honored and blessed to have this title as Miss Black Talented Teen Ohio 2012.  So far with my title I have worked at the voting poles, spoke to teens in Dublin with Youth to Youth International, volunteered at Habitat for humanity, and volunteered with a Gifts of Love charity. Recently I have created a workshop tilted Beyond Beautiful that challenges young females to live beyond the expectations of other and to know the real meaning of  beautiful instead of societies definition of it. I look forward to all the amazing opportunities and blessing that are coming my way=)
Youth @ the Booth: 

I worked at the voting polls on November, 8, 2011. I had the opportunity to work there through an organization called Youth at the Booth. I enjoyed working this long 15 hour day because it gave me a chance to see what the atmosphere at the polls are like , as well as an opportunity to met and talk to the people of my community. I will be voting in the upcoming election. As a young African American woman, I know of the struggles of women who came before me, and how they fought selflessly so women today can have the right to vote. My hopes would be that all young voters educate themselves on current political topics so we all can be informed voter, come November and let are voices be heard!

Youth to Youth International: 

Youth to Youth is youth led adult guided organization. I have been apart of this program for 3 years . Through this organization I have made friends and mentors who I look up to for guidance ans support. Youth to Youth meets every Wednesday from 6-8 at 1440 Fields Ave , Columbus Ohio 43211 . If you are High School Teen living in the Columbus area or surrounding neighborhoods I strongly encourage you to come on down! (you wont regret it!)On December 5 2011( My Birthday) I had the opportunity t to go to Dublin Teen Institute and speak=) I did a workshop called Tenspiration , witch discus 10 ways to inspire yourself and others in your community.

Habitat for Humanity: 

I had the chance to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity with an Organization called Ucrew. Ucrew is s service leadership organization that I have been apart of since October. I enjoyed volunteering at Habitat for Humanity Restore because I know the work I did that day will greatly benefit others who are less fortunate than myself. 

I look forward to continue to work with Habitat for Humanity. I am Vice President of my Senior Class at Fort Hayes , currently I am planning a Senior service day event . I will organize a day where my senior class can go to Habitat for Humanity , with hope that they get just as much out of the experience as I did.

Gifts of love: 
Over Winter break I did a Gifts of love Charity event, I passed out gifts to underprivileged families . While at the event I met tons of cool deserving people.This event showed me how great it is when people come together to better the life of others =)

Te-Te and myself 

Don't Let the world change your smile , let your smile change the world. Stay posted to see how my Beyond Beautiful Prevention works out =)

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  1. I really like what your doing with your title (: keep up the good work!