Thursday, October 4, 2012

Strength: What is it truly?

"A strong woman has strength enough for the journey but a woman of strength knows it's the journey where she will become strong "

Recently I've become aware of the above quote and I have fallen in love with it. It reminds me that in live we experience situations that can test our character and integrity but ultimately theses things make us much better once we make it through them. I say, to embrace the experiences of life and with each one look at it as a chance to learn. Growth is something that we continue each day, a positive outlook can make for a positive result!
Ruby Thomas -Miss Black Ohio USA 2013

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Voter registration

42 days remain until we, the citizens of these United States of America can exercise our civil right to vote in a  election. As citizens of this country it is our responsibility that the person/s that is placed in office to represent our desires does just that; represent our desires.

On October 9th  2012 the registration period will close and those who are not registered to vote will not have the opportunity to vote in the 2012 election. It’s imperative that you not only get registered to vote but you actually get out to the polls and vote. There are several ways that you can register to vote. If you live in the state of Ohio you may

·         Download and complete a voter registration form online from and mail it to your county board of elections. 

·         You may visit your county board of elections

·         The local BMV

·         Local public Library’s usually have Voter registration forms available. It would be your duty to return it to the county board of elections.

·         Some universities or colleges have voter registration forms available. Simply ask and you will be directed to it if it’s available on campus. It will also be your responsibility to return the form to the board of elections.

If you are not sure of the contact information for your county’s board of elections please visit this link. Simply look for your county name and all of the information will be listed underneath the name of your county.  If for some reason you cannot use the link you want to visit the secretary of state Ohio’s website to obtain the information. Click the link that says voter then the link that says board of elections.


In OHIO any registered voter my vote by absentee ballot. You must first be registered to vote as well as request an absentee ballot. This link will provide you with specific information about absentee voting in Ohio.

Proper identification will be in your best interest when you go out to the polls. You may have the following:

·         A current and valid photo identification card issued by the State of Ohio or the United States government; or

·         A military identification ("military ID"); or

·         An original or copy of a current utility bill; or

·         An original or copy of a current bank statement; or

·         An original or copy of a current government check; or

·         An original or copy of a current paycheck; or

·         An original or copy of a current other government document, other than a voter registration acknowledgement notification mailed by the board of elections, that shows the voter’s name and current address.


Please, if you do not have an ID card go get one! Do not rely on the alternate forms of identification. If your ID card is expired it will not be accepted. If your address on the ID is not the same as the address on your registration please make sure you update your ID card. You do not want any small, avoidable problem to prevent you from casting your ballot on election day.



Happy voting!

-Ruby Thomas Miss Black Ohio USA 2013


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miss Black Ohio Spring Break Tour: Let No One Out Work You Today!

This has been by far the BEST spring break I have ever had! I have met so many AMAZING people and experienced so many powerful things. It is such an amazing thing to be able to interact with and educate young women about their true value. The biggest thing that I was able to leave the young women with this week was "Let no one out work you today," this seems like a simple phrase, but when used as a life motto it can change the life of a young person. Not only is it important for young women to understand their beauty, but it's even more important for them to push and work hard to accomplish their goals and dreams. Now more than ever, I can say that I truly believe in the children around the state of Ohio and around the country. They are amazing! I challenge you to invest in the life of a child. In the next five days reach out to someone in the next generation, encourage them, help them as they grow. Show them that the path to success and the keys to greatness are within them! Not only will it help them, but I guarantee it will help you as well :) 

  I can't wait to share photos with you from this week... but here's a QUICK recap :)

Sunday- Cleveland Cavaliers Game with Miss Black Ohio Talented Teen, Whitney Gaskins, and Delano White 
Monday- "A Woman's Worth" Convocation with the 5th-8th graders at Warrensville Middle School 
Tuesday- Shadowed Senator Troy Balderson at the Ohio State House 
Wednesday- "A Woman's Worth" presentation at the Rivers Edge Montessori School Rose Tea 
Thursday- Home to Indianapolis spending time with family and educating some of my former High school professors on my work as Miss Black Ohio 

5 days of fun!

Stay tuned for photos..and of course a video :D
With love,

Kayla Hardimon

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I love it all

                                  With Dr.Keith Bell Chief Academic Officer Columbus City Schools

I love it all! Everything about being Miss Black Teen Ohio 2012 has allowed me to grow so much. I love the people and events I am blessed to attend. Today I got honored at the Superintendent Board and Recognition Ceremony. They recognized me for being crowned Miss Black Ohio Talented Teen 2012 and for being a positive role model in the community! I met and made good connections with  people from the Columbus City School Board=) this ceremony also honored others teens for their academic and volunteer accomplishments. This event was a great experience because I love seeing other teens make a difference in their community while going after their dreams =)

With Gene Harris Superintendent of Columbus City Schools

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free Spirit

When referring to being a free sprit I define it as somebody who is fearless, fierce and not afraid to go after what they believe in. As a senior I have accomplished fantastic things and I have seen my friends do the same; everything from getting accepted into colleges  getting scholarships’ and starting their own business etc. Most importantly doing whatever it takes to make our dreams become our reality. I'm only 18 and I know my free sprit attitude and determination will take me a LONG way! So watch out WORLD! lol I uploaded this video to highlight my year as Miss Black Teen Ohio 2012 and all of my success! I Hope you all enjoy!

                                       Check out this article I was featured in!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miss Black Ohio Speaks: I Just Can't Get Enough!

This posts is dedicated to some of my FAVORITE moments over the past couple of weeks!

One of the most beautiful moments from the past few weeks was while I was watching the AKA Jewels and Gems cotillion. It was so wonderful to see the young men and women honored for their achievements. Watching the show and seeing each person presented by their parents and the young men dancing with their mothers and the girls dancing with their fathers, was truly a beautiful thing!
Events that showcase the beauty and accomplishments of young people are some of my favorite to attend! I also attended the University of Cincinnati, Kuamka Ball. It was such an honor to be apart of a ceremony that not only acknowledged the Mr. and Miss Black University of Cincinnati but also honored the scholastic achievements and accomplishments of black students all over UC's campus.
Just this past week Miss Black Ohio Talented Teen and I were honored on the Ohio Senate floor. During the February 14th Senate Session Dominique and I were honored for our work in the state of Ohio. As a young woman who hopes to one day work for the state house as a senator, this was truly a big day for me! It was great to give a short speech about the greatness of this state and to accept such a huge honor.
Working with young women is truly my passion. It was so much fun hosting a Junior Delta Gems session on "A Woman's Worth." Speaking with the girls about how important they are and the importance of encouraging one another was an amazing experience. These young women were so intelligent, loving and beautiful. The understanding of how wonderful they each were, warmed my heart.

My final favorite moment was working with the Future Women of Appalachia. These Ohio University students have dedicated their lives to helping the young women in the Appalachian area believe in themselves. The mentorship program pairs Ohio University students with young women in middle school and high school. They work to encourage and foster relationships with young women, in hopes that these girls will be the future leaders of this great state!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miss Black Ohio Speaks: Growth Through Service

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe that it's already February 15th. I've been Miss Black Ohio for almost four months now, and I still haven't  "gotten used to it." I am still coming to terms with the idea of myself as a role model. I think that this idea of being someone that young women should be able to look up to is making me a better person. By making sure that I am doing things that I would encourage young women to emulate, I know that I am living the right life style through my daily life. I can't believe the great connections that I have made throughout this year! My favorite thing to see, is young women who contact me weeks and even months after I have met with them, asking for advice and showing interest in my activities.

Reaching out is often the hardest thing to do when someone needs help, but to know that these girls feel comfortable doing so really touches me in ways I never thought possible. I really believe that my experiences with the Miss Black USA organization and with my title as Miss Black Ohio are shaping me into the person that the Lord wants me to be. When I decided to compete in the Miss Black Ohio pageant I really had no expectations. I knew that I would give it my best and that my end goal was to get the chance to work with young women and make a difference in my community, but I didn't think I would win, and I had no idea it would be this amazing.

Not only has this experience given me the chance to speak and interact with young women, but I have been introduced to so many new organizations, new people, strong women and men and influential people in my state. A sash and a crown can be a very powerful thing if you let them.
I know that many people may not understand the idea behind pageants and holding a "title." But I'm here to tell you, being Miss Black Ohio has far more to do with my future than anything I will ever do on a stage. My work in this great state is what the pageant is all about. I don't know if you've heard, but this is a MOVEMENT!

When I take the time to sit back and reflect on what I have learned so far, what I see most is the importance of realizing that this is a blessing. A magnificent, amazing, beautiful, stupendous blessing. One that I know I could never deserve. I am so thankful for everything that has happened so far, I can't imagine it getting any better but I know there is so much more to do!

With love,