Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Miss Black Ohio Speaks: Thoughts, Ideas and Planning!

Hello there!

The second month of 2012 has begun, and I'm so ready to experience all that it has to offer. So many great things are in the works. As promised in the title I have a lot of thoughts, ideas and planning in this Miss Black Ohio head of mine! It's so exciting thinking about all of the things that are coming up. First, its time for a little bit of reflection. Although I have had a lot of great opportunities in the last few months the greatest opportunity I have had is the opportunity to learn. I am learning so much about myself, about the world I live in, about the realities of things like heart disease and just finding out more and more about my purpose as Miss Black Ohio.

Yes, a part of having this title is having a sash and a crown, but what I keep seeing is that my crown and my sash are truly a gift. It is so humbling to realize that my message and my mission resinate with so many people. Many people who may not have paid as much attention to me had I not had a platform to stand on, are standing with me in my fight for self-love and self-worth for young women. At the beginning of this journey I said that I was going to be working hard to encourage young women to understand their worth, what I didn't know was how many other wonderful women there are who desire to do the exact same thing. It is so motivational and inspiring to know that although I have these goals and dreams for young women in Ohio, I am not alone. There are countless women around this great state who desire to do the same things. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with these women!

Ideas and Planning are also a VERY big part of what I have been doing in last month. The great thing is that because there are so many women who are determined to bring change to their own communities just as I am, most of my ideas and plans simply ADD to what many others are already doing. So what's am I planning you ask? Here's a quick preview of the events I have so far. (Notice how many organizations are already working hard to encourage young women to LOVE themselves!) <--- Beautiful right?

February 3rd- Brown Bag Lunch at the Ohio University Women's Center Subject: "A Woman's Worth" 

February 4th- Hosting Delta Sigma Theta Jr. Gems Workshop in Dayton Ohio for young women in 7th and 8th grade.  Subject: "A Woman's Worth". 

February 10th- Future Women of Appalachia Etiquette dinner and prom. This is a time for young women in Appalachia to experience the FUN of prom, learn some tips for etiquette in a dining situation, and have a discussion about how valuable and important they are to this world. 

February 11th- Alpha Kappa Alpha Cotillion in Dayton Ohio. This is a ceremony showcasing the beauty, intelligence and value in young women. 

February 14th- Meet and Greet with Ohio Representatives at the Ohio Statehouse. 
Subject: Miss Black Ohio and Miss Black Ohio Talented Teen concerns, questions and suggestions for the Representatives on maintaining the great state of Ohio. 

February 25th- Self Esteem Workshop with Girl Scouts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Subject: Self Esteem 

March 2nd- Girl Power! (Still in the works). This is an event in Athens, Ohio for young women in the Appalachian area. 

March 17th- Self Esteem Workshop with the Girl Scouts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Subject: Self Esteem 

Those are the CURRENT events for February and March. I'm still planning and hoping to work with more organizations in order to continue on my journey to a better Ohio and a strong force of young women ready to take on the world! 

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