Monday, January 16, 2012

Miss Black Ohio USA Talented Teen Speaks: A Day of Service

UCrew and the Mayor !
Happy MLK day everybody! I hope you decided to go out and give back in any way that you are capable of=) Today I went to the Veterans Memorial. This event was filled with amazing speakers, dancers, singers, and actors! There also was a volunteer fair going on that consisted of 21 non-profits from around Columbus,Ohio that represented their organization and provided opportunities to anybody willing to take advantage of them!

I went to the event with my Ucrew team and we passed out tickets , and helped with set up / set down of the event !We also got to do service projects with the kids that came by , such as writing letter to our troops , planting seeds of greatness, and having them write pledge cards! This event was such a success, and I challenge everybody to ask themselves “What am I doing for others?"
Last week at the Ohio State University I had the chance to go to an amazing Martin Luther King Day Event at the Ohio Union with Youth to Youth International. This event consisted of speakers and singers that where truly exceptional. One of the Keynote speakers for the night was Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. One thing he talk about that really moved me, was about moving forward. Through all of Martin Luther King barriers through life one thing he never did was Stop, he continued to move forward everyday with everything he had, to accomplish a dream. Dyson also spoke about how “We shouldn’t freeze Martin Luther King in 1963” and how we should carry on his legacy to bring about equality and change.  With Black History month just around the corner I encourage everybody to keep moving forward, and to reflect on the past so we can continue to make our future look bright.  
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson speaking at The Ohio State University
President  of The Ohio State University Gordon Gee and myself

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