Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miss Black Ohio Speaks: My First Lesson!

Throughout this year I'm SURE that I will be learning a lot! I have only held the crown for less than two weeks, and I have already learned a lesson that will be sure to guide my entire year from this point forward.

What is this lesson I speak of?

This will be a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Now, you may be thinking "well of course Kayla, everything new will be a learning experience," BUT.. just keep reading.

When I say that this will be a learning experience, I am not simply referring to the different lessons I will learn throughout the year, or the new experiences I will have. Just two days ago I learned something new about the importance of my platform. In an event titled "Strengthening Our Sisters" that I co-held as a member of a student organization, I learned a valuable lesson.
Throughout this year I will be traveling the state of Ohio and holding programs at my University and in my current home of Athens, Ohio to help young women begin to understand "A Woman's Worth." What I didn't realize, as I took the crown that wonderful Monday, was that while I was working hard to teach others, they would be teaching me.

The young women who came to the event had so many ideas, so many thoughts and concerns regarding female empowerment and what we must do to help women understand their worth. I was brought almost to tears to hear each of them describe in detail why they believed they were beautiful, something that most women do not believe.

What I now know is that my platform is not something that I have enough ideas about and suggestions about on my own. I need your help. This world is full of fabulous, talented, beautiful, strong and yes VALUABLE women. It is up to all of us to begin to discuss and showcase this fact, so that we can instill the idea of a woman's worth into the next generation, to create a cycle of understanding that will continue on forever.

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