Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leaders for the Future 2011

I was invited to Leaders of the Future by Ms. Sally Elliot, a wonderful woman with a very warm spirit. Ms. Elliot established this specific awards ceremony to recognize leadership within the African American community and to openly award their accomplishments to inspire and encourage our youth so they may go above and beyond in their dreams. I was very honored to have received this award. It is truly a work of God. During the awards ceremony there were youths that were recognized for their outstanding academic achievements, performances, and we were able to talk one on one with a classroom. I decided to have my group get up and demonstrate team work without using words to show them that it is important to cooperate with others and to let them get up and out of their seats. I just want to congratulate everyone that was honored in the ceremony and a special thanks to Ms. Sally Elliot.

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