Saturday, February 19, 2011

Radio One Book Fair "Princess Program"

Hey guys! Today I went to the Radio One Book Fair in Cincinnati, Ohio. This event was put together thanks to the hard work of Jeri Tolliver! Terron Austin and many more worked so diligently to make this event a dream come true. While visiting, I got the opportunity to lead the Princess Program. The girls came up on stage and showed off all of their princess attire and waved at the crowd of people! Once they were done, they all paraded off stage and won prizes like princess socks, candy, games, and knick-knacks. Terron Austin also facilitated the "How To Blog" workshop and the "Jumpstart Your Writing" workshop. While there, I met Karen Allen, the newly published author of the book "Ties That Bind." Everyone came to support everyone and it was truly a wonderful event. I wish everyone the best in all their endeavors and may God bless you! Thanks for reading! Goodnight!

Terron Austin

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