Friday, February 25, 2011

The Evolution of the Black Woman at Ohio State University

 Holaaaaaaa!! Last evening I had the pleasure of sittng on the panel of the forum for The Evolution of the Black Woman! I would like to thank Habiba for the warm invitation and all of those that made the event possible. Fire was sparked in the room! The discussion was focused on the four archetypes of the black women in the media which are the Mammy, the Jezebel, the Mulatto, and the Sapphire. We began by watching a perfomance by members of the organization. They took on the roles of the four arcetypes meantioned above through a monologue presentation. Afterwards, we the panel, were aksed questions such as how have these stereotpyes of black women evolved overtime, who has the responsibility once they are in the public eye, and how can we change the way we as women are viewed not only in the media but all across the world. The discussion was open for all comments and a passion for mentorship was born in the room that night. It ultimatley boiled down to yes, we must accept our past so we can change our future. This is not the time to point fingers and find a scapegoat but this is a time to produce change and creators of change. It was strongly emphasied that the change started with the people on that room. The change starts with you! Once you do something and you affect others in a way that makes them just as passionate as you are about mentorship and about being a role model and setting an example for our children today so that they may live and lead exuberant lives tomorrow is what this life is all about! They want to know how we can change the media? We ARE the media and the things we do portrays who we are and what we do forever leaves an imprint upon impressionable hearts that look to us for what is right and what is wrong. That is why it is imperative that we set good examples for our children because the are watching us 24/7 whether we know it or not. The things we do and say will be the very things they will do and say and it will be the mark that they leave. So, I ask you, what will YOUR mark be?

Brandon and I sitting on the panel

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